Borders is an audiovisual performance about the current humanitarian crisis of refugees in the world.
From a simple installation, the game between polarized filters shows us two very different, almost opposite realities. Does it affect the reality that we see our way of seeing the world? Our vision is conditioned by the filtering of the communication channels we choose to inform us, and what we are not taught, what we do not see, we do not know.
Two projected images, the two of the same world, both of the year 2016. Through the glasses we can choose what reality we want to see. The two are before us, as in real life, but we only see one. A subtle metaphor of the filters we are subjected to and of the important thing to be able to identify and know in what sense they modify or impede the vision of reality.

Audiovisual material: Xavier Utiel
Collaboration: Albert Sala i FADE LAB

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